Overt Vs Covert Earpieces

Wow. The brand new radio accessory is incredible. I mean it’s just so gorgeous and so sophisticated. I pity individuals who grew up without the radio accessory.

A lot of people user the acoustic style covert earpieces all the time simply because they look a bit more Ally, but are they really as comfortable and do they offer the same level of audio performance as there non covert alternatives?

Covert earpieces are normally a clear acoustic tube which loops over the ear and runs down the back of the neck to a hidden transducer. You can also get the wireless covert ear pieces which are a lot more expensive and consist of a small wireless receiver and speaker in a bud about the size of a baked bean which can we inserted into the ear canal. Wireless earpieces are more covert but will set you back at least £100, normally more like £250 inc a PTT switch and mic etc. The acoustic tube style is only going to set you back less than £20.

The covert tube style earpieces normally come in two styles, with or without PTT mic. Without the PTT & Mic (which should only cost about a tenner) you can plug it into a chest mic, now although this kind of defeats the “Covert” element of the earpiece I have seen a lot of operators do it based on the fact they prefer the light weight comfort and fit of the acoustic tube and in ear bud (or gel insert) over the overt G and D shape earpieces. The downside can be a loss of sound quality over the D and G Shape Earpieces, esp with the use of the in ear bud which fully blocks the ear canal, however I have found that by investing in a good quality product there is no loss of volume or clarity with a covert acoustic tube and a definite increase in comfort.

The third type of covert earpiece is an alternative approach, rather than trying to hide the earpiece, try and disguise it! These earpieces are designed to look like commercial headphones for MP3 players or Ipods. They might come in white, or another funky colour allowing the wearer to “hide in plain site”.

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Jabra Headsets Are Latest Communication Accessories

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headphonesWith the advancements in technology, we, the consumers, are served with better and better accessories every day. The latest technology is of wireless Headsets. These are small devices which are connected to our phones via Bluetooth and attached to our ears.

There are a lot of companies and manufacturers producing headsets nowadays but not all of them are as good as Jabra headsets. The voice quality and battery timings of Jabra headsets are too good to be true. These headsets are not only connected to mobile phones, but they can be used without landlines and office phones as well. Jabra corded headsets can be attached to our mobile phones, landlines and office phones as well. The advantage of using Jabra corded headsets is that they do not need to be charged, the cords are just simply attached to our phones and can be used as long as the phone’s battery works. But sometimes wireless headsets seem to be the perfect option.

People usually like to listen to music while walking, or in gym, or while travelling, at such times Jabra Blue tooth Headsets prove to be the best option. They can be charged and connected via blue tooth. The sound quality of Jabra Bluetooth Headsets is unmatchable with any other headset. They are also easy to carry and light enough to attach to ear all the time. Another amazing product is the Jabra Speaker Phone. These are small speakers which can be attached to our mobiles or other telephones. They have a built-in mic in them. They are practical for people who travel a lot in their cars. The Jabra Speaker Phones can be attached to the dashboard of cars and one can easily communicate on the phone while concentrating on the road as well.

The voice-clarity feature of these speaker phones is what makes them so popular. As far as the unified communication is concerned, Jabra serves top quality products for it as well. The Jabra Unified Communication allows users to connect to their computers as well as to their phones and interact with people using corded and wireless headsets. The Jabra Unified Communication technology is very advanced and it integrates voice, instant messages and emails. For music lovers, Jabra stereo headsets provide an excellent sound quality. These wireless Jabra stereo headsets are given a shape which is comfortable for the user so that it can be used for hours without giving the user any kind of discomfort.

Moreover, the Jabra VOIP headsets have been specially designed for traditional and pc-based telephones. The Jabra VOIP headsets connect through a USB cable and are used for pc-based telephones and also for computer games. Therefore it can be concluded that Jabra wireless headsets are available in a number of categories. Each type of Jabra wireless headset serves a different purpose. They all have been designed keeping user’s comfort in mind. Jabra products are easy to use and maintain as well.